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What is a Part 1 Proceeding?

SubjectPosted DateDeadlines Related
Part 1 8663-T66-201403138
Telus Application - Directive to TBayTel to properly apply the rules for phasing out mandated access established in Telecom Decision CRTC 2008-17

TELUS Communications Company
11 April 2014 12 May 2014

Part 1 8678-T66-201402891
TELUS Communications Company - Application to add a Replacement Deferral Account Community and Request Extended Deadline for Completion

TELUS Communications Company
10 April 2014 12 May 2014

Part 1 8662-B54-201402643
Application to Review and Vary and Stay for Telecom Decision CRTC 2013-659

Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership
10 April 2014 28 April 2014

Part 1 8640-T78-201402619
Application for forbearance from the regulation of business local exchange services in Gentilly, Québec

Télébec, Limited Partnership
28 March 2014 28 April 2014


Related documents
Part 1 8622-B92-201316646
Part 1 - Application requesting fair treatment of Internet services by Bell Mobility

Benjamin Klass
22 November 2013 5 March 2014

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12 May 2014
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