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Number/Part 1
SubjectPosted DateDeadlines Related
Part 1 8663-J64-201806019
Expedited request for interim and final relief due to illegal acts by Telus

Iristel Inc.
9 August 2018 10 September 2018

Part 1 8698-C209-201805657
Application to request for funding from the National Contribution Fund

Canadian Administrator of VRS (CAV), Inc.
8 August 2018 7 September 2018

Part 1 8663-T66-201805722
Application to Curtail Traffic Stimulation Activities Involving Iristel Numbers

TELUS Communications Inc.
7 August 2018 6 September 2018

Part 1 8663-M22-201805714
Implementation of local competition in Maskatel's territory - St-Éphrem and St-Victor's exchange

Groupe Maskatel LP
7 August 2018 6 September 2018

Part 1 8640-M59-201805631
Part 1 Application for forbearance from the regulation of business local exchange services in various exchanges in Manitoba

Bell MTS, a division of Bell Canada
1 August 2018 31 August 2018

Part 1 8640-B2-201805524
Application for forbearance from the regulation of residential local exchange services pursuant to Telecom Regulatory Policy 2018-213

Bell Canada
30 July 2018 29 August 2018

Part 1 8640-S4-201805483
Application for forbearance from the regulation of local exchange services in Warwick, Quebec

Sogetel inc.
27 July 2018 27 August 2018

2018-246 Notice of hearing - 22 October 2018 - Gatineau, Quebec - Report regarding the retail sales practices of Canada’s large telecommunications carriers

16 July 2018 30 August 2018

Commission Letter 16 July 2018

Commission Letter 27 July 2018


Procedural requests
Call for comments - Review of the price cap and local forbearance regimes

2018-214-1 - Changes to procedure - Revised deadline for submission of interventions: 10 October 2018

26 June 2018 10 October 2018

Commission Letter - 26 Juin 2018

Commission Letter 26 June 2018

Commission Letter 26 June 2018.

Commission Letter 31 July 2018

Procedural requests
Part 1 8620-R63-201705675
Wholesale Roaming Agreements required under Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2015-177

5 July 2017

Supplementary comments

1 October 2018



Further Comments


Procedural Letter 20 July 2018

Procedural Letter 23 March 2018

Procedural Letter 23 October 2017

Procedural Letter 24 July 2018

Procedural requests


Response to Procedural letter – 23 March 2018