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To submit an intervention/comment, click the Submit button associated with the notice/application/reference number for which your intervention applies.

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Where the applicant is a partnership, the application is considered filed by all partners, carrying on business under the partnership name identified in the Subject column.

Your intervention/comment must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. Vancouver time (8:00 p.m. Ottawa time) on the deadline date.

What is a Part 1 Proceeding?

Number/Part 1
SubjectPosted DateDeadlines Related
Part 1 8695-W4-201805053
Application for Lost NAS Subsidy

Wightman Telecom Ltd.
6 July 2018 6 August 2018

Part 1 8622-N68-201803289
Application for non-discriminatory and timely access to MDU developments of Townline

Novus Entertainment Inc.
6 July 2018 6 August 2018

Part 1 8620-P8-201711630
Device unlocking for former customers and notification of interpretations of consumer protections

Public Interest Advocacy Centre
15 December 2017

New deadline - Second phase interventions

9 August 2018



Procedural Letter 29 June 2018


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