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To submit an intervention/comment/answer, click the Submit button associated with the notice/application/reference number for which your intervention applies.

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Where the applicant is a partnership, the application is considered filed by all partners, carrying on business under the partnership name identified in the Subject column.

Your intervention/comment/answer must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. Vancouver time (8:00 p.m. Ottawa time) on the deadline date.

What is a Part 1 Proceeding?

Number/Part 1
SubjectPosted DateDeadlines Related
Part 1 8662-T66-201907411
Application to review and vary Telecom Orders CRTC 2019-170 and 2019-171

TELUS Communications Company
22 August 2019 23 September 2019

Part 1 8640-S4-201907180
Application for forbearance from the regulation of business of local exchange services in the exchange of Saint-Ludger (Québec)

Sogetel inc.
15 August 2019 16 September 2019

Part 1 8638-B2-201905879
Application for Commission approval to allow the Bell Companies to temporarily block certain verified fraudulent and scam voice calls on a trial basis

Bell Canada
29 July 2019

New deadline

14 October 2019

Commission Letter 16 August 2019

Procedural Letter 12 August 2019

Procedural Letter 21 August 2019

Procedural requests

Responses to requests for information
Part 1 8622-N68-201904649
Application for non-discriminatory, timely access to multi-dwelling units developed by Marcon Developments Ltd. and its related companies

Novus Entertainment Inc.
21 June 2019

New Deadline

1 October 2019

Procedural Letter 2 August 2019

Procedural Letter 24 July 2019

Procedural Letter 26 July 2019

Procedural requests

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